Biinagi: 1st
Solosart: 2nd
Golden-timber: 3rd

Thank you everyone for participating úwù)/ It’s been an honor to have so many great artists participating in my silly contest! 

THE CONTEST IS CLOSED! I’ll announce the winners at 6 pm tonight ( Swedish Time)

99terminater asked: Just FYI I made + finished my entry for your Dao character design contest, and you can find it on my art blog "termdraws" in case you haven't seen it yet (as I made sure to tag and mention you within the post~). The contest'll be ending p soon, so I just want to make sure you see it ahaha = 7 =/) [Hella great comic btw; keep up the wonderful work + art + writing yyes uvu]

already seen it and added to the folder for the contest with your name attached, I’ll start the judging in 3 hours and have the winners decided at the end of the day ’ u ‘)/ thank you very much!




Contact me  preferably at! or via pm here c: 

You can find Dao here

a reminder!!

You can also just upload at tumblr at the tag ” Ishcontest “

Deadline is soon!